• influentialmigrants

    15 Migrants and Refugees Who Changed the World

    As a result of conflict in the Middle East and Africa, the issue of refugees has been at the forefront of political and societal debate. There has been a prevalence of negative discourse on immigrants, especially concerning the potential of immigrants to adversely affect the country in which they...
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    Providing African Refugees in Egypt a Brighter Future Through Soccer

    For most people, childhood is a time when we didn’t have to bear the burdens life. For others, it’s a time when atrocities reaped their sense of security and all that gives comfort to the heart. Many refugees come to Egypt leaving behind nothing but heartache in search for...
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    Exposing the Horrors of Sexual Violence Against Refugees in Egypt

    Egypt is today home to 262,333 residents who are divided between 237,117 refugees, and 25,194 asylum seekers, according to the UNHCR latest statistics. Given the grave crises which force refugees out of their homes, one would assume security rests on top of the living conditions they seek. Instead, sexual...