They dream of becoming teachers, politicians, lawyers, diplomats, police officers, engineers, scientists. They dream of going to school and living healthy lives with their mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters. Yet, their home countries are engulfed in conflict or economic and social instability.
They’re not just Syrians. There’s Sudanese, Afghans, Iraqis, Eritreans, Colombians, Somalians, Burmese and more. Still, their voices are often funneled through multiple coloured lenses before reaching the public.
Refugee Streets (RS) aims to change that, providing refugees with a direct channel to the world.
We are looking for volunteers cntributors who can help raise awareness of the issues refugees face across the world. Whether you’re in Australia, Germany, Jordan, Canada, China, Iran, Kenya, Argentina, or Russia, there are everyday social, economic, cultural and political issues that refugees encounter which you can help bring to light.
Currently, we are looking for people – both refugees and non-refugees – to join RS on voluntary basis to help create content for the following sections:
  • News: A space for current political and economic issues affecting refugees e.g. a new law is passed, a statistic about refugees is reported, someone of note says something about refugees (good or bad).
  • Culture and lifestyle: A space for revelatory and opinion pieces on leisure, lifestyle, employment, cultural issues, taboos and other issues impacting refugees.
  • Opinion: A space for all pieces driven by opinion.
  • Action: A space that covers action being taken to change or resist circumstances faced by refugees. Should be rolling coverage of different facets of groups working with refugees, as well as offer opinion pieces on issues and tactics represented by these groups. This can be current and historical. This section should include partnerships and cooperation with non-governmental organizations, international organizations, governments, businesses, universities and any other interested parties.
There will also be a separate subsection that will consist of a space for all pieces written by refugees themselves. These pieces may be in the form of photography, video, audio, text, drawings or any other methods.  The aim of this is to ensure greater accessibility to tools that amplify a person’s voice, particularly a person who may not have, for example, the writing skills for an article but may be able to express himself/herself through a video.
If you are interested in joining Refugee Streets, please email [email protected] pitching the story and including all the materials you have with its permissions and references.