Olga Nazha

Law student. Interested in Middle Eastern history and humanitarian law. Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Melbourne.
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    Turkey: New Hope or Despair and Suffering for Refugees?

    The European Union’s deal with Turkey further endangers and degrades the lives of individuals fleeing persecution and seeking asylum in Europe. This deal announced on 8 March 2016 seeks to stop the flow of migration to Europe by deporting asylum seekers from the Greek Islands to Turkey. Deportations from...
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    15 Migrants and Refugees Who Changed the World

    As a result of conflict in the Middle East and Africa, the issue of refugees has been at the forefront of political and societal debate. There has been a prevalence of negative discourse on immigrants, especially concerning the potential of immigrants to adversely affect the country in which they...
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    Controversial Dutch Politician Hands Out ‘Red Spray’ to Help Women ‘Repel Islamic Testosterone Bombs’

    As some European countries continue to open up their borders to individuals fleeing war and trauma, controversial far-right Dutch figure Geert Wilders increased his attacks on refugees. In the town of Spijkenisse in Holand, Wilders, who is renowned for his xenophobic rhetoric in Europe, handed out ‘defence sprays’ containing...
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    Syrian Refugees Exploited by Lebanon’s New Residency Laws

    In a bid to reduce the number of Syrians across Lebanon, the Council of Ministers passed new residency rules that impose new regulations on refugees. The new regulations require all refugees residing in Lebanon, regardless of whether they have previously been registered with the United Nations High Commissioner for...