Eyad Samman

Eyad Samman, a Syrian activist, writer and blogger, participated in many activities and events to support youth and development in communities especially the Syrian. Eyad has launched many projects that support the inter dialogue between communities in cooperating with many NGOs in Turkey (TOG). Eyad has also, worked for Anna Lindh Foundation in Alexandria-Egypt, working for an initiative of "Citizens for Syria" that strengthens the concept of citizenship among Syrian groups. In 2013, Eyad founded an electronic magazine (Our Streets magazine) which addresses the political and social issues for Syrian youth inside Syria and abroad. In addition, Eyad contributed in activating the role of alternative media through establishing channels on social media that present different sides of the political and social life without the traditional restrictions. Academically, Eyad has a Master in Finance from Arabic Academy, and is now preparing to study a Master of International Development.
  • Credit: Plan International

    Egypt: More than Just a Refuge for Syrians

    No doubt, the rather unstable situation in Egypt since 2013 has had its consequences on Syrians living there. Historically, the relationship between Egyptians and Syrians has been special. Not so far from now, about half a century ago, Syria and Egypt were combined as one republic. Egypt, at the...
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    Migrants: From Hope to Frustration in Europe

    Last year was a year marked by a major migration crisis, which, according to international organizations such as Amnesty International and the United Nations, saw the greatest waves of exodus since the Second World War coming to Europe. Hundreds of thousands fled their war-torn homelands, passing borders under often-dangerous conditions,...