Refugees And The Homeless Eat For Free At This Cafe

"We are all one family here."

There are more than 1.3 million Syrian refugees in Lebanon. For many, finding job opportunities that are sufficient to feed their families can be a struggle. That is why one cafe in Beirut, Lebanon allows refugees and the homeless to eat for free.

Bonheur du Ciel is a Lebanese charity that runs a number of cafes for those in needs.

“The food they offer is as good as a five-star restaurant. You come, order what you want, eat, say thank you, take your things and leave,” says Hassan, a Syrian refugee.

Such initiatives are crucial given the United Nation World Food Programme’s recent cutting of food assistance in half due to a shortage of funds.

The cafe, which is run by volunteers who serve children and adults, offers hot food, salad and even sweets.

“We are all one family here,” says one of the volunteers. “We have new brothers and children.”

The cafe opened a year ago and serves around 200 people a day. Watch the video above for more information and let us know what you think of this initiative!


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